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Pressure Sprayers, Sprayers and Plastic Bottles

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Due to the current Corona (COVID-19) situation we are currently receiving a large numer of inquiries and orders. Therefore please note, that answering your request and delivery may be delayed by several days.
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Company Profile

Main Plant Kläger Plastik Neusäss

Kläger Plastik GmbH, Neusäss
Neusäss - Bayern
Kläger Plastik GmbH
Portnerstrasse 84
D-86356 Neusäss
Phone +49821 20790 0
Fax     +49821 20790 33
Made in Germany

Our staff at the main plant in Neusäss near Augsburg has over 40 years experience in plastics processing.

The core competence of our company is the production of spray technology products and plastic bottles "Made in Germany".

For years now, renowned customers in various industries rely on our extensive range of high-quality containers for liquids and sprays.

Since 1996 we have the quality certificate ISO 9001 and since 2013 also the environmental certificate ISO 14001.
Sprayers are an indispensable tool for a variety of tasks from agriculture to art. However, not all sprayers are made equal. Our years of experience, expertise, and innovative drive manifest themselves in the quality of our sprayers. If your are not yet familiar with our products, then let us gain your confidence and become your one-stop partner for all kinds of sprayers.

Pressure sprayers, trigger sprayers, fingertip sprayers as well as bottles and screw caps are available in a wide variety of types, shapes and colours.

Our plastic products are used in the chemical industry as well as in workshops, laboratories, the sanitary industry as well as in the domestic and garden sector.
K5 Sprayer
22 injection-moulding machines made by Arburg and Engel with a clamp force of up to 2,000 kN are part of our machine fleet on a production space of around 7,000 m². We also use 17 extrusion blow-moulding machines made by Hesta, Automa and Koetke with a fill volume of up to 1,6 l. Several linear and revolving assembly facilities take care of the serial production of our sprayers and pressure sprayers.

We employ 81 persons in our main plant. 2 process mechanic trainees for plastic and natural rubber technology complement our team.

Hartha - Saxony

Kläger Plastik GmbH, Hartha

Hartha - Saxony
Kläger Plastik GmbH

Sonnenstrasse 31
D-04746 Hartha
Phone +49 034328 700 0
Fax +49 034328 700 17