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HDPE bottles with equilateral warning triangle

tastbarer Warnhinweis
The European directive RL 67/548/EWG, relating to classification, packaging and labelling of hazardous materials, provides that harmful, corrosive, toxic and flammable hazardous materials must be clearly marked for blind persons or persons with seriously impaired vision with one or several tactile symbols in the shape of an equilateral warning triangle (ISO-Norm 11683). Therefore, Kläger Plastik offers you the possibility to have this warning label affixed to our plastic bottles.

For this, the following alternatives are available:

Tactile warning symbol integrated into the plastic bottle
(see picture on the right side)
  • concerning cylindrical bottle Zyl. 1000H
  • concerning oval bottle Cecille 200 ml

Embossed warning triangle in UV screen printing
(see picture below)

  • according to individual agreement
  • for the entire bottle assortment

The suitablilty of our tactile warning symbol has been tested at our request by a training and resources centre for the blind and visually impaired people using a bottle from our assortment. The relevant certificate is gladly available for viewing by anyone interested.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information about HDPE bottles with tactile warning symbol

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