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Bottles with window strip

Cylindrical bottles Zyl. 1000H + Zylk. 510 with window strip
The following plastic bottles and pressure-operated spray bottles are available with a transparent inspection window for visual monitoring of the content level:

Pressure Sprayers
  • Hobby Plus 1.2L
  • Hobby 1.0L

Plastic Bottles

  • Cylindrical bottle Zyl. 1000H
  • Longneck bottle LH 500
  • Cone bottle KE 500N

    Optionally available
  • tactile warning symbol, integrated into the plastic bottle
  • embossed warning triangle in UV screen printing (HobbyPlus 1.2L and longneck bottle LH 500)
  • multicoloured UV print
  • 100% bio-based HDPE bottle

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information about bottles with window strip

  • Tel.: +49(0)821/20790-0
  • Fax: +49(0)821/20790-33
  • Mail: info-neusaess@klaeger-plastik.de
Pressure sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L with window strip
Pressure sprayer Hobby 1.0L with window strip