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Hobby 1.0L Facelift

Bottle with scale and view stripe (optionally)
Bottle with scale and view stripe (optionally)

For many years now, the Hobby 1.0L pressure sprayer’s plastic bottle has been recognized in its category worldwide for its sturdiness, as well as its timeless design and wide range of uses.

Even so, we’re setting out to build on this success story.

The Hobby 1.0L spray bottle is perfect for convenient, reliable spraying of large and small areas as well as those that are hard to reach.

But modern, sustainable, professional work requires the use of costly, cutting-edge concentrates, correctly diluted.

That’s why, from Spring 2016, one functional highlight of the Hobby Facelift is the newly integrated measuring scale. This includes a marking indicating the maximum recommended fill content as well as a division into common mixing ratios: 1:10 (10%), 1:20 (5%) and 1:50 (2%).

Since increasing globalization has brought our products to more and more international markets, we decided to include a conversion of the scale values in UK pints and US gallons in our new measuring scale.

The Hobby 1.0L’s maximum fill capacity means that the bottle must be opened, filled and closed several times if large areas are being sprayed. In order to make this professional equipment as effective and efficient as possible to operate, just 3.5 turns are now needed to open and close the bottle, rather than the previous 4.5.

Overall, the new Hobby 1.0L offers clear added value compared to the previous model. So we’re especially happy that we can currently offer you this innovative product, and the competitive advantage it brings, at standard prices.

What’s more, for an additional charge we can now equip the pressure sprayer with a colored bottle with transparent view stripe, for optimum fill level control (see picture left above).

We’d like to highlight the option of personalized printing using up to six different, ultra-brilliant UV screen printing inks, or labelling (high-quality PE label or efficient multi-label). This means that the Hobby 1.0L can be seamlessly adapted to your companys corporate design.

The natural-colored spray bottle can also be ordered in 100% bioplastic made from sugarcane for an additional charge.

Pressure Sprayer_Bottle-Facelift