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Pressure sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L with 360° spray function, viewing strip and scale for visual monitoring of the content level and including a stand attachment


The new pressure sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L is made of highly impact resistant plastic and has a modern, yet timeless design. It optimally rounds off the Kläger Plastik pump sprayer assortment, consisting of Hobby 1.0L, Profi 1.5L, Profi Micro 1.5L and Vario 1.6L.

What count are the inner values of our pressure sprayers.

The 380 gram lightweight pump sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L has a maximum filling capacity of 1.2 litres. For certain applications it is recommendable to limit the filling volume to one litre, so as to enhance the spraying efficiency by increasing the pressure space inside the pressure pump bottle. According to customer specifications, the pump sprayer HobbyPlus 1.2L is available in polyamide or polypropylene, either with FPM (Viton), EPDM or NBR seals.

Innovative pressure sprayer with "EasyOpen" and "AntiGlide".

The pump sprayer bottle is also fitted with modern "EasyOpen" tactile elements in the upper part to facilitate the quick and easy filling of the sprayer bottle ("AntiGlide"). Easy operation of the pump sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L is guaranteed both by the ergonomically shaped handle as well as by the curved spray button.

"Safety first" with pump sprayers of the brand Kläger Plastik.

Spraying safety is guaranteed by an automatic pressure control valve in the pump sprayer, which allows a maximum operating pressure of 3 bars. The laser engraving on the inside of the handle of the pump spray bottle provides the vendor with a degree of transparency in regard to the date of manufacture. This can contribute to avoiding unjustified complaints.

The world is standing on its head. And so is the pressure spraying device Hobby Plus 1.2L.

The patented 360° spraying function (German Patent Nr. 10 2013 102 806) with flexible FPM (Viton) and/or silicon tube attachment and stainless steel ball as a weight, in conjunction with the continuously adjustable nozzle, all contribute to making this new spraying device particularly easy to operate. Also overhead spraying does not in the least impair the high efficiency of the pump sprayer.

Optical monitoring of the content level? No problem with the pump spraying device Hobby Plus 1.2L, complete with transparent viewing strip and content indicator scale.

The Hobby Plus 1.2L has a transparent viewing strip for the visual monitoring of the content level by means of a scale calibrated in steps of 0.25 litres and optimally complemented by the indication of the mixing ratios 1:5, 1:10 and 1:20. Furthermore the scale, integrated in the sprayer bottle, shows the maximum filling volumes as well as conversion table for the important litre values into British pints and gallons.

Solid as a rock. The pump sprayer Hobby Plus 1.2L with its innovative stand.

A two-component stand ring has been added to the pressure sprayer. This, in addition to providing a firm stand through the integrated soft components, prevents scratches on working surfaces ("AntiScratch"), as well as making a pleasant sound when placing on the ground ("AntiNoise"). The innovative stand ring concept additionally prevents undesirable sliding on various work surfaces ("AntiGlide").

Bio-plastic - "I am green".

On request, the natural-coloured container for the pressure sprayer is available in 100% bio-plastic, made from renewable raw materials.


As from May 2014

Technical details

Spreadsheet with details (on request)


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