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Company Philosophy

Quality Assurance

The most important factor in our company is the quality of our products.

We spare no efforts or costs to permanently secure this quality. For instance each manufactured compressed air sprayer is checked manually or fully automated by our assembly line (engraved device test number in the grip) for tightness of system and proper function of safety valve. We will continue incorporating innovations in the fields of technology and new materials to further optimise our products. Our permanent aim is to keep the error rate as low as possible. "Made in Germany" stands for quality and reliability. We feel committed to this principle.
Besides a consequently implemented quality management system (DIN EN ISO 9001:2008), we rely on our experienced and motivated employees with their high degree of personal responsibility.

Customer Orientation 

The demands of our customers with respect to specification, packaging and service are just as manifold as the sectors in which spray devices are applied.

We value our customers' wishes and are willing to accommodate them flexibly. Our customers do not have to buy "off the rack". Even with small order quantities, we are able to produce a spray head with the corresponding plastic bottle according to customer specifications.

Our customers are at the center of our business activities. As a full-service provider, we accompany them from the initial contact up to dispatching the produced goods. The customer as partner in a friendly, helpful, open-minded and competent cooperation - this is our maxim. We want our customers to be loyal and recommend us to others.


The crude oil required for producing plastics is getting increasingly rare and more expensive each year. Energy costs for production are also rising. This makes each single plastic product more expensive in the long run. Therefore, it should be possible to use liquid vaporizers more than just once. Environmental protection should also play a role in our business activities.


Spray devices by Kläger Plastik are designed for permanent and frequent use. To meet these requirements, they are made of

  • the highest quality materials available in the market.
  • Casings, nozzles and other components are extremely stable.
  • Besides the machine test during production, none of our high-quality vaporizers leaves the factory without a function test.
  • Our compressed air sprayers can be completely disassembled and we also provide all replacement parts.

Renowned customers in various industries worldwide contribute to the concept of sustainability by opting for our products.

Many factors change over the course of the years, like markets, applications, purchasing behaviour and much more. Regardless of these circumstances, we will always be true to our company philosophy.