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Container Imprint
UV imprint for Pressure Sprayers

UV imprint

for Pressure Sprayers

UV imprint for pressure sprayers
Conditioned by the investment in a fully automatic, four-colour screen printing machine and the general changeover to UV inks we have created the conditions that enable us, to print your pump sprayer bottle and thus to present the design of your successful brand image even more attractively.

Now we can print highly brilliant designs using  UV-based printing inks, which will distinguish your pump sprayers, setting them off even better from those of your competitors. Printed, partially photo-realistic, images, comprising up to eight individual shapes of colour, can be printed excellently in very small rasters and fonts (5 pt).

The advantages at a glance of UV inks compared with the classical solvent-based printing inks
  • Very good flexibility of the films
  • Very good adhesion to plastic materials
  • Virtually odourless
  • Excellant wear resistance
  • Very high gloss and good hardness
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Good barrier effect
  • Brilliant and high-gloss with the best possible opacity
  • Prepared ready-to-print
  • Quick-hardening
  • Highly water and steam resistant
  • Highly impervious to filling materials

Resistance to usage of the Ultrapack UVC inks

After proper hardening, the ink film possesses excellant resistance to washing and scraping, is highly block resistant and adhesive and demonstrates a strong resistance to solvents (see DIN 16 524), alcohol (Ethanol 96%), finger perspiration and common alkaline and acid filling materials.

UV curable inks protect the environment

UV curable, solvent-free ink is more environmentally friendly to manufacture and use than solvent-based ink. No solvent fumes  or VOC emissions are produced during curing and no ozone during LED UV curing. After curing, UV ink is inert: for example, it no longer dissolves in water. This prevents any contamination of ground water. In short, it is an invention that benefits people and the environment.

UV inks "Made in Germany"

Our UV inks are produced in Germany and their constituents will not be listed in the European Chemicals Regualtion (REACH) because of it´s toxicological safety. The inks doesn´t include polybrominated biphenyls or diphenyhls as well as any lead, chromium, mercury or any compounds of these chemical  substances.

Price benifits for screen printing of cylindrical bottles

Round shaped printing areas just like cylindrical bottles or long neck bottles are simpler and thus cheaper to print than conical bottles.

Printing detail specifications

Hobby 1.0L
Max. number of printing colours: 4
Width: 305 mm   Height: 80 mm

Profi Micro 1.5L
Max. number of printing colours: 2
Specification of the printing surface after provision of a cone radius drawing by the customer.

Hobby Plus 1.2L
Max. number of printing colours: 3
Width: 280 mm   Height: 95mm

Profi 1.5L
Max. number of printing colours: 2
Specification of the printing surface after provision of a cone radius drawing by the customer.

Vario 1.6L
Max. number of printing colours: 4
Width: 410 mm   Height: 60 mm

Labelling for pressure sprayers

on demand

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further information about individualization of pressure sprayers under

Tel.: +49(0)821/20790-0
Fax: +49(0)821/20790-33

Mail: info-neusaess@klaeger-plastik.de
UV imprint for Pressure Sprayers

Coloured and special designs available on request!
Technical changes reserved. Status: May 2019