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Quality- and Environmental Management

Certificate 2018
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At our locations in Neusäss / Bavaria and Hartha / Saxony, we work according to the quality guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 from development up to production and goods shipment. Besides the most modern measuring technology, we also use a corresponding CAQ system.

Today, the protection of our environment is probably the most import task that each individual person and most especially every production enterprise has to tackle. Here, at Kläger Plastik, we have taken up this challenge and, therefore, we act consistently in accordance with the provisions of the environmental standard
DIN EN ISO 14001

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Corporate structure, guidelines, quality and environment

The success of Kläger Plastik GmbH in Neusäß and Hartha is decisively dependent on the satisfaction of its customers. This satisfaction is primarily based on high product and service quality, adherence to deadlines, flexibility and competitive pricing coupled with due consideration for relevant aspects and factors influencing the environment.

Kläger Plastik stands for a continual process of further development. In order to promote and foster our philosophy of constant improvement in the framework of our corporate vision, which we communicate throughout the enterprise, we regularly set ourselves incentives and goals, which are measurable by means of the company's own balanced score card. This ensures the sustained success of our company.

To this end, for the planning, implementation and control of specific measures, diverse meetings are embedded in the organisational structure at Kläger Plastik. The realisation of these corporate objectives requires the conscious and sustained participation of all our co-workers. In this context, the following, binding quality principles have been laid down in the framework of Kläger Plastik's quality policy.


Quality Policy

·        Our actions are centred on the customer. Our customers experience all-round support, starting with constant dialog, which takes place during development, design and construction, and extending to include manufacturing and after-sales services.

·        To ensure and consolidate our market position, established over a considerable time, we make the highest demands in regard to product and service quality as well as the development of innovations for the future. In this way, we strive to defend and expand our position as a premium quality manufacturer "Made in Germany" in the field of our competitors.

·        The basis which enables us to maintain this level of quality is founded upon satisfied and motivated co-workers. In this respect, management attaches the utmost importance to the consideration of social aspects concerning all of our employees as well as the constant accommodation of individual further training and education needs in regard to the entire workforce.

·        In combination with the procurement of efficient, cutting-edge and energy-saving technologies, this leads to ensuring a smooth process flow.

·        Continual improvement of the process and the product boosts customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and ultimately smoothes the path for the enterprise into the future. In this way, every individual co-worker contributes to the success of the enterprise.

·        Protection of the environment is one of our primary concerns. Hence, we have set ourselves the goal to implement systematically the continual improvement of operational environmental protection in the framework of our environmental management system in Neusäß and Hartha. For us, adherence to the relevant environmental regulations is the basis upon which the constant amelioration of our operational environmental protection shall grow. In order to succeed in this, we have defined the following environmental protection guidelines, which constitute the framework for our actions:


Environmental policy

·        To ensure the protection of the environment, we have identified and documented the significant environmental effects and the relevant processes. These processes will be adapted to new needs if required.

·        For the continual improvement of environmental protection, we regularly set measurable and practicable environmental goals.

·        The achievement of these environmental goals forms part of our management responsibility. Personal example and a cooperative style of leadership augment environmental awareness on the part of our co-workers.

·        All individual co-workers bear responsibility at their own place of work for the fulfilment of our environmental goals. Each co-worker feels individually responsible and acts accordingly in compliance with the provisions laid down in the environmental management system.

·        We attach particular importance to involving our suppliers and contract partners in our management system.

·        The performance of our management system is evaluated regularly in the framework of internal and external audits and serves as the driving force for the continual improvement process.

·        In all matters relating to the environment, we cultivate an open dialog with our customers, the authorities and the general public.