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Sample Parts, Sample Moulds and Castings


You want to develop, construct and produce a specific plastic injection mould, a sprayer or a bottle?  Contact us to receive a stereo lithography sample part.

Compability Tests


We will gladly send you samples for test purposes on request.

Our development department can also assist you with the selection of the right spray system for your application purposes.

After receiving samples of the liquid, for a small additional fee of € 50,00 the examination is carried out by us. After issuing the initial order this additional fee will be credited again.

Guidelines for Sending Test Fluids

In conjunction with the implementation of the international environment management norm ISO 14001 at both Kläger Plastik locations, we are placing an even stronger focus on the correct and sustainable handling of environmentally relevant substances i.e. dangerous substances and substances hazardous to waterways. We thus request that you observe the following guidelines when preparing your test fluids:

We are only able to accept test fluids if the corresponding currently valid safety datasheet is enclosed and/or is transferred electronically to us in advance.

Transport of test fluids from you to our premises must be carried out in a suitable container which confirms to the valid regulations and specifications (UN approved where applicable).

The container must be clearly labelled in accordance with the applicable legal regulatory framework (dangerous substance and/or substance hazardous to waterways).

In the case of dipping tests to be conducted by us, we ask that you do not supply more than 200 ml of the fluid. In the case of spray tests please moderately increase the volume supplied.

You can assume a time period for test completion of three to four weeks, depending on the scope of tests to be carried out.